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The consortium of MESMER-EAST LLC and MAXSUS SUV QURILISH INVEST LLC since 2006 specializes in the construction of large and medium-sized water supply facilities, sewage networks, sewage treatment plants, water tanks and its filtration systems, etc.

These works are performed by engineers and technicians, consisting of experienced engineers, foremen, craftsmen and workers (including profiled specialists trained in advanced technologies of construction work).

Currently, two projects funded by the World Bank are being implemented by the consortium. This is ICB / AK / W / 07 “Project zone No. 7: Eastern part of the Karakul district. Construction of water distribution points, supply pipelines, rural distribution networks and subscriber connections ”and SOVK / W / 04“ Replacement and construction of sewage collectors in Samarkand (Package I - 20.2 km) ”. Also in 2017, under the leadership of the consortium LLC MESMER-EAST and LLC MAXSUS SUV QURILISH INVEST, a new company LLC ProBuild Generation was founded, which will be directly involved in the construction of aquifers and canal-building.